Grid Status, Knowledge-base, Bad Mesh, Region Manager and more!

Grid Status

It’s been a few months since the Kinky Grid opening event and we would like to thank everyone who came to it, we have been working hard on creating the new Kinky Grid mainland regions and have now removed the old mainland regions. The new mainland regions are still being worked on and will improve over time with more items placed in the stores and more adult activities/fetish roleplay areas completed.

The first set of regions are as follows: Welcome Area, Kink City 1, Kink City 2, Kinky Harbor, Freebie Plaza 1, Freebie Plaza 2, Freebie Plaza 3, Surfers Bay, Kinky Forest, Highwyn, KG Rental Office, Sandbox, Water Sandbox, Kinky Ponyplay and the statue store region. There has also been waterways and highways placed around the mainland for travel. (Highways under construction)

We would like to welcome all of the new members who have joined recently, Welcome to the kinky family!

The teleport boards and places search system are currently being updated with the new mainland locations.

Kinky Grid Mainland Weekly Events

The main Kinky Grid club is currently being rebuilt so, for now, we will be using the surfers bay club for events, we hope to start hosting a weekly DJ event at the beach club for now and then to expand on this. (Event calendar will be added soon to the website)

We have plans for other weekly events in the future as listed below:

Racing events – We have plans to create car, bike, and boat racing tracks, possibly horse racing or pony play racing.

Gaming night – A gaming region will be set up filled with tons of fun games such as Greedy dice, lock em down, u- know (opensims version of uno), Yatz, bubble breaker, Tetris and many other fun games.

Adult events – Whilst nudity and sexual activities are permitted at any of the events and all over the grid, we have plans for possibly some sexual orientated events, such as a monthly hang out at the body restaurant (eating food off another person’s naked body) and social event’s for Dom’s (Masters)/Domme’s (Mistresses) to socialize, along with there subs/slaves.

If anyone has any other ideas for events or is interested in hosting a specific event on the mainland please let us know, this can be anything from using the high school for cheerleading practice to hosting an event in any of the other role play areas.

Of course, if you have your own region and wish to host events please do.



We are working on updating our new Knowledge-base area found on the billing and support system website, you can access the knowledge-base by using the link on our main website under the support menu or by clicking here.


Bad Mesh

Disclaimer: Please note that the advice and guide on bad mesh are to help you to keep your region running healthy, I do not hate mesh and in fact love mesh, but have seen the effects that bad mesh can cause to a region. We will never tell you what you can and cant have on your regions, except in extreme cases where the bad mesh is damaging the servers/rest of the grid.

We all love mesh, but having a lot of bad mesh on your regions will cause serious issues, such as extreme lag, failed teleports and region crashes. Most of the bad mesh tend to be buildings, plants, and statues, but can also be anything from a small table to a simple picture frame, we highly recommend that you read this article on how to tell if mesh is bad found here.

We are currently stocking the furniture and garden center with sculpt and good mesh items found at freebie plaza 2 and will be adding a statue store soon with good mesh and sculpt statues.


 Firestorm Viewer Fixed

With the latest Firestorm Viewer many grids are experiencing issues where some mesh items are showing as invisible, this was due to changes in their code for opensim, we would like to make everyone aware that we have fixed this issue for Kinky Grid members, you will not experience this issue on our grid or on the hypergrid while using your Kinky Grid avatars, however if you use the Firestorm Viewer to login to other grids you may have issues if that specific grid has not put fixes in place for there members.

Dance Machines

We have noticed that the Paramour Clubmaster dance machines are causing trouble with bad scripts and dances not fully working. We have put out new dance machines v2.2 at Freebie Plaza 1 and ask that all members replace their old ones with them.

The clubmaster dance machines are also considered to be bad mesh as each one is 14,000 in triangles, however, if you would like to make your own dance machines or still prefer to use the default clubmaster dance machines we have put out the dance machine v2.2 scripts and animations into a box in the store simply take a copy of the box and then right click edit on your current clubmaster dance machine and go to the contents tab, delete all of the contents of the paramour dance machine and then in your inventory select all of the scripts dances notecards from the box you collected and then transfer them all into the contents tab of your old dance machine, you will get a script error but simply ignore this and then reset the dance machines scripts and the dance machine will then work perfectly.

Kinky Grid website account area

On the Kinky Grid website under account, you can login to see your offline messages, friends online and partner someone.

Click here for the guide on how to partner someone.

Opensim is sadly known at times to cause login issues, with a message stating that you cannot login due to already being logged into the grid, we have added a feature found underneath your profile picture that will log you out of the grid as shown below.


Region Manager

At Kinky Grid we want to give our region owners more control over there regions, That is why we have created a unique region management tool (Designed and made by Hyacinth Jewell),

The region manager allows region owners to view recent visitor logs, see detailed information about your region via the sim log feature, perform hard restarts, region backups, terrain backups and load backups from a selection of automatically saved backups (regions are automatically backed up twice daily)

The backup feature is great for if any mistakes are made on your region, for example, you accidentally retexture over an entire house you have just built, instead of having to manually retexture each prim again you can simply load up the most recent backup oar file.

Detailed guides on how to use the region manager can be found here

Congratulations to Zeke and Simon

On Wednesday the 4th of July, Zeke and Simon renewed their marriage vows at Highwyn, we would like to wish them many more years of happiness and hope that you enjoyed your big day.