Improvements to the v9 code


We have some of Opensims top developers working on improving and upgrading the opensim v9 software.

Improvements made so far:

  • Faster Teleporting
  • Faster and smoother sim/region crossings
  • Quicker Rezzing
  • Fully working OpenCollars

Working and improved Places search

You can now search for places using the Search feature on your viewer which has some added improvements.

  • You will now be shown every place that has been added to the search system if your search term doesn’t find a place matching what you have typed into it.
  • You can now search for the most popular places in Kinky Grid by searching for “top” this is calculated by the amount of traffic, the more visitors you have going to your place the higher up in the search results your place will be.
  • You can now see how many users are currently in a place, the (1) or (5) before a places name represents how many users are in that place.


Planned improvements and status

Listed below are current improvements to the opensim software that are still in beta testing or planned status.

  • Working Destination Guide (Currently in beta testing)
  • Working Events search (Currently in beta testing)
  • Working Websearch (Planned for later development)