Region Prices


If you would prefer to pay via Globits each month instead of via PayPal please contact Freya Diamondfire inworld, please note that paying via Globits is slightly more expensive then via PayPal to cover the costs of the Globit fees and their exchange rates.

Single sims and multi-regions

The single sim is ideal for people who only want a small land area for a home or small business, alternatively, 2×2 Multi-regions are perfect for people who want a larger area with a lot of prims. Whilst you are limited to a set amount of prims per each sim on a 2×2 multi-region you can have a lot more prims than a VarRegion.

Hot Deal: Buy 2 sims get 2 free! Our 2×2 multi-region deal is a great offer for people who need more than one single sim.

Sim crossings: Worried about having sim crossings on your 2×2 multi-region? Check out our video at the bottom of the page to see how fast and smooth sim crossings are on Kinky Grid.



VarRegions are ideal for people who hate sim crossings and want all of the prims to use anywhere on the regions. VarRegions act as huge regions, for example, the 2×2 varRegion is the same size as a 2×2 multi-region with a landmass total of 4 sims but without the sim crossings.


Sim/Region crossings example