Server maintenance complete & Voice

Server maintenance

The server maintenance has now been completed, we apologize for any inconvenience during the server upgrades over the weekend, but we are proud to have been able to keep the grids downtime during this process to just a few hours compared to the normal few days to a week which normally happens with other grids while they are upgrading/transferring regions to brand new servers.

Everything went smoothly and the brand new servers are working perfectly, you may, however, notice that on some regions your Gloebit balance does not show, After they regions restart next you will be able to see your Globit’s balance as normal.


Voice added and continued work.

We recently had a few requests by members for voice to be added to the grid, We have now added Voice to Kinky Grid and you will be able to use it on regions that allow this. We will now continue work to the Kinky Grid mainland regions and will get new items added to the stores as soon as the building work is complete.